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3 questions for Henk Hensen

1. Why do you like the field that you work in and why is it important?
The field I am working in comprises ships, tugs, and ship handling with tugs. It is not only interesting but also very important: without ships the world trade would collapse. Tugs play a key role in ensuring that ships arrive in, and leave ports safely and efficiently.

2. What do you think is the most important development in your field (and why)?
The most important developments are the increased size of ships and the increased complexity and power of tugs. Both require a high level of knowledge and experience of tug crews and in particular of tug masters.

3. What is the most urgent lesson you would like to teach young professionals that are new in the field?
Regarding tugs, urgent lessons to teach (young) professionals are several: theory, such as interaction effects on tugs, lessons learnt from accidents, deck equipment, energy/power systems, navigation support systems, remote control of engines and tugs, autonomous systems, data transfer, cyber security and stability. Given this complexity it is important that these professionals are well educated on the basis of uniform guidelines. Unfortunately, this is often being overlooked.

Henk Hensen recently wrote an article on “Future Tug Master Training”
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Wencke Boerrigter
Managing Director