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Tugs & Towage

The role of tugs undertaking harbour towage activities is a very specific one. The tugs assist a ship in a safe and efficient way using the tug to the best of its qualities. Not only during a smart sunny day, but also during night, reduced visibility, rain, snow, ice, stormy weather, and currents. Due to the fact that the crew is operating in very close proximity to a ship that is manoeuvring and will be making head way and/or sternway, the work includes many risks.

It is clear, therefore, that tug crew should keep pace with the developments in and near a port, as well as other developments, such as various new tug types and the new properties and technologies that accompany them.

However, it all starts with a thorough basis: an in-depth knowledge about all aspects of a tug, such as tug type, assisting methods, interaction and safety. When is a bow-to-bow operation appropriate and what are the risks? Which forces work on a tug and how does this affect its stability?

These, and many more topics, are being discussed in our publications. We hope they are of use not only to tug masters and crew, but also pilots, maritime officers and all other parties with an interest in keeping our ports and its people safe.