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The maritime industry is changing. Is your curriculum up to date?

Imagine a world where your maritime curriculum is the gold standard. Where students are eager to enroll, educators are proud to teach, and employers seek out your graduates for their unparalleled skills and knowledge.

However, the challenge doesn’t only lie in the ever-evolving maritime industry. The world of education itself is undergoing significant transformations. New teaching methods, classroom technologies, and shifting student expectations call for a dynamic curriculum.
If your educational material remains anchored in the past, achieving that vision becomes a significant obstacle.

Embark on an educational journey with Polestar

Your maritime program doesn’t have to be stuck in the past. We’re here to assist educators by offering current, relevant materials and tools, tailored to the evolving demands of the industry and the classroom. In times when educators face increasing pressures, we strive to be a reliable pillar of support, ensuring your maritime program remains at the forefront of excellence.

We understand that no two schools are the same. Your unique challenges require tailored solutions. And that is precisely what we offer.

Want to know more?

Wencke Boerrigter
Managing Director

Our promise to you

  • Assessment of knowledge and needs – We listen to your specific needs and identify current and future trends in the maritime world. This allows us to identify the educational needs and opportunities collectively.
  • A network of expertise – Our pool of renowned authors and maritime experts are ready to provide (and update) the content your students need. This content is not only up to date and relevant, but also complies with international standards.
  • Customized learning package – We are your reliable partner when it comes to drafting and delivering high-quality learning packages. These will be tailored to the specific needs and objectives of your educational program.
  • Innovative learning tools – In a digital age, Polestar offers leading-edge learning technologies, such as e-learning. New developments are on their way, so stay tuned!
  • An ongoing partnership – Our commitment doesn’t end after delivering your educational program. We stay committed, offering ongoing support to ensure your program continues to excel.

Why choose Polestar?

The maritime industry is always evolving, and so are we. That is why our resources are as adaptable as they are informative. Whether you’re looking to enrich an existing curriculum or starting one from scratch, you’ll get exactly what you need, in the format you need.

Since our foundation in 2014 by the STC Group, the largest maritime academy in the Netherlands, Polestar Publishing has been publishing teaching materials for maritime education. We can proudly say that our books, software and videos are now being used by thousands of students and professionals worldwide.

Contact us today to explore how we can tailor our expertise and resources to meet your unique needs. Together, we’ll embark on a new educational journey and equip your students for success in our dynamic industry.