Eduction products

Publications & books for educational institutions

Since its foundation in 2014 by the STC Group, the Dutch largest maritime academy, Polestar Publishing has been publishing teaching materials for maritime education and we are proud to say that our books, software and videos are now being used by thousands of students and professionals worldwide.

All our publications are put in a relevant context, thereby bringing them closer to the environment and interests of the students themselves. We have published educational books on a wide range of subjects, and it goes without saying that they all comply with the latest STCW-requirements. Our publications include theory where relevant and necessary, but they also contain practical information and images putting the theory into context.

We have published on the following:

  • Ship Manoeuvring
  • Navigation, including ECDIS and voyage planning
  • Mathematics and Physics
  • Cargo
  • Engineering, including propulsion and auxiliary tools
  • Meteorology
  • Stability
  • Medical care at sea
  • Warehousing, containers, breakbulk
  • Port logistics and customs
  • Process industry

It is our aim to support the lecturers and students where we can, for instance by developing and distributing sets of questions and answers, 3D-videos and software.