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About Polestar

Who are we? Managing Director Wencke Boerrigter talks about founding Polestar Publishing.

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Wencke Boerrigter
Managing Director

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Polestar Publishing b.v. was founded in 2014 with the aim to develop and share knowledge on the maritime industry for students and professionals worldwide. Its founding was initiated by the STC Group, the largest academy in The Netherlands for the maritime industry, process technology, and ports & logistics industry.

In order to optimize its commercial potential, it became an independent company in 2021 and since then it has been carrying its current name: Polestar Publishing. We proudly carry an image of the polestar as our logo: the polestar is, after all, the ‘star of the sea’. A stable and bright star that stands firm in the terrestrial motions and that for thousands of years has guided seafarers on their voyages.

And this is what we aim to be: you can rely on Polestar Publishing for its quality, guidance and commitment to students and professionals in the maritime industry and port logistics. Our slogan is: ‘know your position, plot your course’. We are with you during your studies and on your voyage towards a career and the start of an exciting future.

Since our start, we have published over 50 titles (print and digital) on a wide range of topics, such as marine engineering, tugs, navigation, process industry and port logistics. Our authors are experienced teachers and have a thorough expertise on their subject, often gained by years of working as engineer, mate, process operator or ship broker. Of course our contents complies with all international standards such as the IMO Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping.

As the maritime world is continuously changing, Polestar Publishing always keeps an eye on innovation, new regulations and technology in order to stay on top of the latest developments and incorporate these in our publications. In addition, we develop innovative tools, such as e-learning, 3D videos, and Augmented Reality to facilitate our customers in their learning process.

“Know your position,
plot your course”