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December 2022 | London

Polestar Publishing joins British Tugowners Association

As a publisher, and developer of educational materials, it is important that we have close contact with stakeholders in the industry and learn about their demands and concerns. We need to know as publishers what we create fits the needs of the industry and how we can play a role in developing educational standards for the tug community. We do this continuously by talking to our customers, our partners, experts and visiting maritime conferences or training centers.

Since our first contact with the BTA we got to know the Association, its team and of course its members  as a very professional, open and helpful organization. After attending a few meetings we decided to join the BTA as an Associate Member. We are looking forward to being a member and believe we have lots to gain from cooperating with its members and contributing to the tug industry. We are in listening mode!  We welcome ideas and suggestions from the BTA and its other members.

For more information: New Associate Member – Polestar Publishing – Interview with owner Wencke Boerrigter – British Tugowners Association