Propulsion Installations

Jan Kooijman (author)

For many years, the book “Propulsion Installations” has been a staple for numerous students in maritime education. To meet the current demands and expectations of teachers and students, Polestar Publishing has undertaken a comprehensive revision of the content to ensure it aligns with the latest technological standards and educational requirements of our time.

The book clearly describes the operation and construction of two- and four-stroke engines, as well as fuels and propulsion systems. It also covers topics like ship propellers, bunkering, environmental considerations, and legal regulations. The publication is enriched with numerous diagrams and clear illustrations. This edition has been compiled with the latest training requirements set out in the international STCW Convention in mind.

The revision was led by Jan Kooijman, a mechanical engineer and long-time teacher at the STC Group. He, along with several teachers from various maritime schools and experts from the field, has created a standard work that will be relevant for years to come.

Propulsion Installations

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