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Markus van der Laan


Markus van der Laan

Meet the author

Markus van der Laan

Mr. van der Laan graduated at Delft University of Technology as Naval Architect in 1991. In 1997 he finished a Ph.D. thesis on ‘Environmental Tanker Design’ in cooperation with Shell.

Since 1997, he has been director of IMC, a consultancy firm active in the development and engineering of various ship designs and associated ship equipment. This includes 360 degree towing systems for tugs (the Carrousel with Multraship, the DOT system with Mampaey Offshore Industries), the SafeWinch with Kraaijeveld winches (received the IMO 2008 Seatrade Award), the V-POD electric propulsion with Verhaar Omega and recently the development of the All-Rounder tug in Malaysia.

In addition to various developments, he is also involved as a technical expert in the investigation of tug accidents and damage cases.

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