Science at Sea Physics and Mathematics

Annemarie Volkers (author)

A foundational understanding of physics and mathematics is essential when addressing intricate maritime subjects such as stability, loading, or maneuvering. Although crucial, the standard curricula in these scientific disciplines don’t always align well with maritime applications.

The textbook “Science at Sea Physics and Mathematics” bridges this gap. It introduces entry-level mathematics and physics tailored for maritime education, designed to resonate with the early-stage nautical student. It includes practical examples and topics that mariners encounter, like ship stability, voyage planning, navigation, and engine power and efficiency.

The chapters offer a mix of theoretical basics, formulas, and practical explanations, illustrating how various principles and laws apply in maritime shipping. Additionally, the book is a resource for numerous practice questions and their answers, enabling students to test their understanding and apply what they learn directly to real-world maritime challenges.

Science at Sea Physics and Mathematics

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